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Meta, Strategic and Service Design
Articles and News on Meta, Strategic and Service Design

Designer of the Year
Designer of the Year is a title, a designation given to the most successful designer in a given year, who not only demonstrates outstanding design skills but also diligence and intelligence in design quality.
DEC - Design Events Calendar
The DEC - World Design Events Calendar lists all prominent design events and design shows throughout the year.
Design Competitions to Promote Economy
Learn how design competitions can be used to promote economic growth and promote design system within countries.
Call for Applications to Meta, Strategic and Service Design Competition
Design Award invites you to present your Meta, Strategic and Service Design solution to the world.
Why Take Part in A Design Award
Publicity and other benefits of taking part in the International A Prime Design Award
Test Your Design
Get a rating score for your design from zero to ten to see how good it is compared to other designs worldwide.
Mitigating Design Award Risks
How A Design Award made Design Competitions Safer and Participant Friendlier
Enter the Design Awards
Enter the International A' Design Awards today, deadline is not extended but there is still time to enter!
Design Mark for Quality
The ADESIGNAWARD is the design mark for quality; it indicates the best designs and products.
World Design Index
The world design index is a compendium of best designers around the globe. The WDI is a searchable index that allows you to find a designer in any given city or country, for any type of design.
Design Classifications
Browse an extensive list of different design disciplines, categories and checkout world classifications and standings in design. Discover the best designers, artists and architects.
Marketing Design Awards
Brand marketing agencies, design consultancies and practices, creative agencies, in-house design teams and manufacturers worldwide are invited to enter their best marketing works to the Marketing Design Awards.
World Design Hub
World Design Hub is a global designation given to a single city each year to promote and create awareness for good design.

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A Design Award & Competition


509.Sustainable Design Award
507.Art Materials Design Award
506.Kitchenware Design Award
505.Baby Products Design
504.Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award
503.Ring Design Award
502.Lighting Design Award
501.Logo Design Award
500.Residential Design Awards 2018
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