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Architecture, Building and Structure Design
Articles and News on Architecture, Building and Structure Design

Enter the Annual A' International Design Awards
Companies, architects and designers of interior, product, graphic and fashion designs are cordially invited to submit their best work for award consideration.
Designers and Architects
Architect is the prime Designer who brings a subject to life.
Registrations Wanted for Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award
A Design Award & Competition is accepting applicants with new ideas for their Architecture, building and Structure Design award.
If you want to win at design you will want to start at the right design award.
Your insider tip of the day is here, get tips from top design professionals on how to strike gold at design awards that could potentially lead you to a better path, be in to win.
Most prestigious awards in Design
Currently accepting entries for their annual design rankings.
Award for Good Architecture and Design
Design Awards program is designed to encourage and recognize distinguished achievement in design, now open for entries.
Recognition and Prestige for Designers
Architects and designers worldwide are invited to submit their work for the Design Awards Competition
Residential Design Awards 2018
A' Design Awards is pleased to announce that the A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award is open for nomination of architecture designs right now for the 2018 design award and competition. Submit your architecture design now fo ›
Retro Design Awards
Did you miss that design award deadline 15 years ago? You can submit your 15 year old designs to the Real Retro Design Awards, organized as a part of the international juried a design awards to honour timeless design pieces.
Designer of the Year Award
The Designer of the Year Award is one of the worlds’ most prestigious accolades for design, granted by the International Association of Designers to a living designer who have inspired others through excellent works.
Grand Design Award
The Grand Design Awards is one of the most dynamic and innovative accolades for Spatial Design bringing the attention of industry professionals, press members and the wider public to your real estate developments, architecture, landscape, renovation ›
Spatial Design Award
Spatial Design Awards are open for entry. Featuring all-new categories, a stellar line-up of judges and a look at the work
Designer Competition
The A' Design Award and Competition is looking for worldwide original concepts and innovative ideas from designers, artists and architects worldwide to honor them with fame, recognition, credibility and prestige.
Call for Entries to A' Design Awards
A’ Design Award is an international annual juried design competition that showcases outstanding designs from emerging artists or established professions.
Architectural Design Awards
The best architectural designs and designers and the greatest architects are on the Architectural Design Awards.
Call for Entry to the Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design Award
Rewarding Innovation in Multidisciplinary design
Architect Design Awards
When you think of an architect, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the eye catching and breath taking designs and construction of the buildings people reside in or use for office purposes all over the world.
National Design Awards
This is the American award that was started in the year 2000 to acknowledge the achievements made by the nationals of United States of American.
Architectural Design Competitions
Become a part of the worlds most prestigious design competition and get fame and recognition throughout the world.
Architecture Design Competitions
Be a part of one of the leading architectural firms by submitting your designs to the Design Award Competition

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