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Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design
Articles and News on Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design

Designer - Join the International Competition - A Design Award
Thinking to join A Design Award – Join the International A Prime Design Award
Fashion Industry Awards
Fashion designers of all sorts of apparel and accessories can enter the A Design Award for fashion today!
Submissions being Sought for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award
The fashion, apparel and garment industry includes all clothing manufacturers, plus many of the accessories carried by individuals each day.
Fashion Design Award
Call for entries to Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award
Renowned Design Awards for Upcoming Designers
The Design Awards Announce the Annual Design Competition Call for Entries
Your Passport to Design Excellence
Here is how designers market and advertise their designs, as well as gain fame and prestige on the way.
Golden Award for Excellence in Design
Got a good design idea? The premier global design competition will recognize and promote your good design.
World Design Award
Call for Entries for the Design Awards have been announced, it is your chance to showcase your good designs to audiences worldwide.
Make a big impact with your big design idea
If you have a great design, you need to make a big impact with it, and you can do so if you join the A-Prime Design Accolade
Furniture Design Award
The very best furniture designs from across the globe are annually awarded for their good design, you can also submit your furniture designs today.
Creative Competition
Designers, artists, brand managers, advertisers and architects are cordially invited to register and submit their best designs for creative competition.
International Fashion Awards
The A’ International Fashion Design Awards, with an ambition to bring up and support the most promising talents in fashion industry, recognize extraordinary design excellence in fashion design and fashion accessories worldwide.
International IDEA Design Award
International Design Award will recognize the best projects in unversal design disciplines and categories worldwide, enter your work today.
Costume Design Awards
The Costume Design Challenge invites all Costume Designers.
Fashion Design Competition
Fashion designers chance to get into the A Design Award for promoting your clothing, shoes, and even accessories

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A Design Award & Competition


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500.Residential Design Awards 2018
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