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Promotion through Design Awards

Promotion through Design Awards

Learn how you could tap into the publicity potential of design awards to promote your business, products and services

Awards can help companies gain fame, prestige and publicity and thus are a great way to promote brands and products. They are sometimes neglected because the potential publicity value could be just a few hundred million impressions, and they are not expensive either so big marketing agencies usually do not remind you of such awards since they would not get a commission for doing so. For example consider taking part in the A’ Design Awards with your products. An interesting aspect of this competition is that it is open to all product and service categories, and you can submit your own products as long as it is original and well-designed. The catch is that, if you win the A’ Design Award, as a company you can use their award winning design logos and graphics on your products. The logo could be very useful to increase sales from a few to even hundred percent or more; it helps sales slightly for very original products, and helps sales much more for commodity type of products since the award logo helps explain and communicate the quality aspect of the product. In addition to your products, you can submit your brand identity as well as packaging design. From my opinion the best is submitting products and services by preparing a very well done presentation since this way you can use the logo directly on the product; because the product would be awarded. However, you can also send as a company; corporate designs; brand identity etc, plus catalogs, brochures, your company website, your creative advertising campaigns or your philanthropic initiatives and events. The great thing about A’ Design Award is that there are no further fees if you win the awards, however the entry fees are much more expensive. The expensive entry fees are actually offset by the preliminary scoring mechanism that is provided free of charge; i.e. a preliminary score is given to all entries before nomination, so before making any investment you get to know the likelihood of your success, which significantly reduces your risk when taking part in the awards, furthermore the preliminary checking mechanism also provides you tips on how to improve the presentation. No need to say more, just visit and upload your entry, wait and receive a preliminary score and decide yourself.


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