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Open Design Competition

Open Design Competition

The International A-Prime Awards for Good Design celebrate the full spectrum design capabilities worldwide.

A-Prime International Design Awards are proud to present the entries in this year's International A-Prime Design Awards to showcase businesses that invest in professional design. The International A-Prime Awards for Good Design celebrate the full spectrum design capabilities worldwide and entries are open to all creative design fields. As usual, the best design in each category will be recognized as well as a Platinum design award winner. Winners will announced on April 15 and the gala-night will be held a few months after, likely during summer. The Judging Panel is made up of design experts that represent the all different design disciplines and categories in this year’s International A-Prime Design Awards. Experts in jury include scholars and practitioners from product design, communication design, service design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, graphic design, photography design strategy, digital design and arts. A Design Award is a community of designers and creative people, bound together by the idea that good design will create change in the world. A design awards is the world’s most modern as well as most international design competition. If you’re looking for increased exposure and new business opportunities, jobs and new prospects, the International A-Prime Design Awards are your perfect medium, reaching hundreds of thousands of passionate innovators, design pioneers, business people and professionals in all markets. You can submit both your concepts as well as realized projects.


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