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Fashion Design Award

Fashion Design Award

Fashion Design Award will feature high-profile design celebrities and fascinating new apparels, laureates are invited to the glamorous gala-night and big award ceremony.

The different design disciplines have become very tightly interwoven, a fact that, even more so than before, will be clearly mirrored in the fashion design award. The laureates of the Fashion Design Award will be introduced on April 15 as usual. From the thousands of fashion accessories and apparel entered, the jury for the internationally renowned design award selected only the best. The a-prime fashion design award is a seal of quality for excellent design. These will all be on show after the celebratory Fashion Design Award Gala where thousand of designers, entrepreneurs and media representatives from all continents will celebrate and present the winning fashion designs at the MOOD, the world’s largest and most international exhibition of contemporary fashion design. The annual event recognizes the outstanding contributions made to world fashion by individuals from all areas of the industry and related arts, with awards being given for design excellence in apparel, bags and fashion accessories as well as extraordinary accomplishments in design and creative vision. Staged by A' Design Award, the fashion design awards will celebrate world’s leading trend and style forecasters, design talent, innovation in design, clothing, fabric design, scenery design, as well as pattern design. Judged by an elite panel of international experts and attracting entries from more than hundred countries, these are the only fashion awards to recognize achievement on a global scale.


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