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Graphic Design Awards

Graphic Design Awards

The International Graphic Design Competitions celebrate exemplary graphic design, illustration and print design.

The International A-Prime Graphic design competitions and awards are your chance to shine and see your work published. The editors of DesignAmid magazine invite you to join the thousands of creative professionals who have been recognized by the international a prime design competition since 2009, the competition is open to everyone in the graphic design community. The A' Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organization acknowledging the best of graphic design, illustration and interactive design, graphic designers, typography designers, creative agencies, advertising firms, graphic design companies, corporate design teams, institutional design departments, publishers, creative directors, art directors, in-house design departments, and all other creatives are called to join the graphic design competition which honors outstanding new work of all kinds of graphic design including but not limited to print, packaging, point-of-purchase, internet, interactive and others. A' Design Award is the most prestigious annual awards recognizing the best of graphic design, illustration and interactive design and the A-Prime yearbook of best graphic designs is the most comprehensive compilation of award winning graphic designs worldwide. Organizers of the a design awards aim to promote the best graphic designers worldwide in order to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles.


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