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Monitor arm rewarded with quadruple product design awards

Monitor arm rewarded with quadruple product design awards

Dataflex is a Dutch company that designs and manufactures ergonomic workplace solutions. Their latest monitor arm named ViewLite Plus received an A'Design Gold Award in the category 'engineering and technical design'.

Dataflex is a Dutch company that designs and manufactures ergonomic workplace solutions. Their latest monitor arm named ViewLite Plus received an A'Design Gold Award in the category 'engineering and technical design'. This brings the total number of product design awards up to four; a testament to its features and patented design innovations. Earlier Awards Before the ViewLite Plus received the A'Design - Gold Award it already won three other product design awards. This includes coveted awards within the international design scene, in this case a red dot design award - honourable mention 2012 and an iF product design award 2013. Other awards include the European Aluminium Award 2012 and the ISPA & Innovation award 2013. Also various magazines compliment it with labels such as 'product of the year' and 'best of the best'. Unconventional The distinctive features of the ViewLite Plus monitor arm are its slim, light weight design and patented height adjustment mechanism. The monitor arm lacks a bulky gas or coil spring which conventional monitor arms use to achieve height adjustment. The ViewLite Plus instead relies on single direction bearings to keep it at the desired height. This mechanism enables the ViewLite Plus to support displays with weights ranging from zero to seven kilograms. Future proof 'This weight range might seem a trivial product feature' says Roderik Mos, product manager at Dataflex. 'However, the ViewLite Plus is currently the only monitor arm that supports today's hardware as well as tomorrow's light-weight displays and devices. The weight-range combined with the modular design offers both flexibility and scalability. Simply add parts - or modules - to alter the ViewLite Plus when your hardware requirements change in the future' according to Mos. Ergonomics Monitor arms play an essential role in making a workplace ergonomically sound. Traditionally they're found in offices but are also used at home. A monitor arm allows for a display to be set at a correct height, enabling people working behind their desks to maintain a correct posture. This increases comfort and reduces strain related injuries in the arms, shoulders and lower back. A practical benefit is that monitor arms also free up a large portion of desk surface. A'Design Award A'Design Award and Competitions, aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of the best designs, design concepts and design oriented products. A' Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience. Dataflex Dataflex is a Dutch manufacturer of ergonomic workplace solutions, with branch offices located throughout Europe. The company's product portfolio is offered exclusively to and through the trade (dealerships, catalogues, importers and distributors) and includes (but is not limited to) monitor arms, PC holders, AV mounts, document holders, notebook stands and printer hoods. Dataflex' mission is to design from an end-user perspective and create high-quality ergonomic products that are available at several price ranges.

Tijs Horn & Roderik Mos




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