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Design Dictionary

Design Dictionary

How do you define design, what do you think about design, what is your best quote on design, and more importantly is design fun?

The Design Encyclopedia is a grand project and a yearlong campaign and fact-finding mission that engages the global design community, inviting them to define design. However unlike any other design dictionary, this particular encyclopedia allows you to input subjective and objective definitions as well as quotes and fun facts which make it a great resource that is also fun to read. There is always a significant discussion about design; what it means in our post-industrial era, how it differentiates for different disciplines and knowledge domains. Today, there are major changes that have inspired a new kind of design practices that combine multidisciplinary approaches. Since the information and the way we define design is ever-changing, you need to follow the Design Encyclopedia to find the best definitions, taxonomy, synonyms and antonyms for design. The Design Encyclopedia is written by thousands of volunteers who themselves are experienced and professional designers. If you like an article or definition on a design subject, checkout the profile of the designer who wrote it; perhaps you can contact them for business opportunities; those who define design are certainly the same people who know what design is and how it should be done perfectly. Checkout the design encyclopedia today, and if you are a professional designer yourself why not provide your own reflections and thoughts. The design encyclopedia is available at


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