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Design Adage

Design Adage

Design Adage is where you can write and share your design quotes, know how and insights with the world.

Write and share your great design quotes, epigrams, collection of design ideas and motivational design quotations at Design Adage. By sharing your quotes on design, you will be joining other famous authors and designers. The Design Adage is a platform of design quotations, any good idea on design and designing can be shared, the best ideas make it to homepage, viewed and shared by thousands of people adding fame and publicity for your name. The Design Adage platform is not a collection of 10 great quotes about design, there are literally thousands of entries by designers from across the globe. Unlike some other websites where you could find design quotes of only famous designers, at design adage, you will be able to find design quotes from real designers who do actual work. Design Adage is therefore the best platform to share your insights and clever thoughts on designs with the rest of the world. To share your design quotes at Design Adage and let your proverbs and ideas spread in a viral way, all you have to do is register and confirm your email. Once you login to Design Adage, you will be able to enter your design quote as well as provide additional information especially a description of your quote so that people could understand what you actually mean. Approved design quotes will show on Design Adage homepage, and visitors will be able to download and like the quotes. Design Adage receives new quotes everyday and the favorites are picked by an editorial team and displayed at the homepage. If you are looking for some inspirational quotes on design, visit Design Adage today to see what others are saying, or add your quote!


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