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Benefits of Joining a Good Design Award

Benefits of Joining a Good Design Award

This article discusses the benefits of joining a good design competition, but especially the a prime design award.

It happens to best of us, as designers we want to publish our works or reach new clients and face with a question: Did you win any design awards? Which international design awards you won? The answer can affect the outcome of whether we got new jobs or features thus we join awards, competitions or contests to prove our worth. However not all design awards and competitions are created equal, here I like to mention a particular design award - the A' (A-Prime) Design Competition for Good Design. They have a page where they list all the benefits of winning the competition, however my article focuses on the benefits for participating; i.e. you benefit from the following points even if you do not win the competition, by participating A' Design Award, you can 1. Learn how to prepare images suitable to maximize your press appearances - you learn this by downloading a' Design award image guidelines, available at documents repository page after login to their control panel. 2. Learn how to present your designs to press members - download A' design award presentation guidelines. This document is available from the entry instructions page as well as the documents repository, it actually explains how to make the design presentation very clear but I found it very useful as a guideline for how to make a press kit, almost all the instructions and points included in this 40+ page article (a little book) is golden. It is like a free PR book for designers so I strongly suggest all designers to download this book and follow all the points listed. 3. Get expert suggestions on how to improve your design presentation - follow preliminary jury feedback; basically when you upload a design to A' Design Awards, before you pay any money at all, some preliminary jury members, vote on your works and comment on it how to improve its presentation, this suggestions are golden and comes free of charge to all without any obligations. 4. Learn and get an honest opinion on how good your design is when compared to other designs in your industry. - The preliminary jury also gives you his honest opinion on your design, you will receive a score from 0 to 10, do not worry if you get a low score, consider it as a gift; you have space for improvement. Remember that there is also another score for presentation, the presentation score is from 0 to 100, so do not confuse the design score with the presentation score, for winning the award you need a high design score. 5. Improve your existing design portfolio by designing a new project for the competition or by improving the presentation of your existing projects. Following jury feedbacks and presentation guidelines will make your portfolio look more professional and attractive prospective clients and press members. 6. Get listed at Design Legends, World Design Index and worldwide list of designers websites in order to reach new clients and audiences. 7. Get inspired by checking the best design practices and examples, and push yourself to do better. Improve the quality of life of citizens worldwide by designing better products and projects that benefit society. You can check previous winners at for example. 8. Learn your potential of winning the A' Design Award, if your score is high, nominate your entry in order to have a chance to win the A' Design Prize which includes a series of PR and publicity services to promote laureates such as press release preparation and distribution, translation of your project to multiple languages and pitching your awarded work to design editors worldwide, plus get your awarded work exhibited in Italy and potentially other countries, join a glamorous gala night and award ceremony, get your work published in a book, receive a design excellence certificate and a special trophy to remind your success. 9. Compared to all other design awards and competitions, the A’ Design Award for Good Design is the winner for its value proposition not just for winners but also for participants, however I must tell you that taking part is not so easy, many designers got outright rejected, if your work is rejected do not give-up, try to see why it was rejected and try to improve the presentation, as you will notice they usually reject entries that do not comply with presentation guidelines or eligibility criteria (for example they do not allow big brands to outright write or identify their names and brands in the presentations – this is indeed good as the jury does not know who they vote for and thus not biased toward entries). Furthermore, they do not allow designers to join with bad or incomplete presentations; and this is also good for you because, if all presentations are very well done and prepared equally good, then the design award jury would vote the submitted works not the presentations. Finally, Remember also to check their design prize which is expanded and improved each year.


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