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15 Ways to Find New Clients for Design Projects

15 Ways to Find New Clients for Design Projects

Here are 15 items that would allow you to find new clients for your design work. Follow these points and you will get the clients. Only the bullet points given, rest is left to you to figure it out.

Where to get design clients? Marketing for design should be simple, you do good design and jobs shall flow, but in reality it is not, here is what you need to do, and the channels you should use to find new design clients: First of all you should aim to create an awareness, and make your name famous but most importantly you must have the capacity to convert design inquiries to jobs. To do so you need: 1. Presence in social media, internet, catalogs, and trade indices. 2. Past work and signature on many projects. 3. Get involved with charities and politics. 4. Publications in media, features in books and magazines. 5. Referral or Business Network Participation. 6. Public Relations. 7. Involvement with design associations and organizations. 8. Marketing and Advertising in Popular Media. 9. Direct Marketing to potential leads. 10. Good portfolio and great work to demonstrate to your clients. 10. Design Awards. 11. Company History and Case Studies. 12. Promotions and displays in your office; award trophies, certificates etc. 13. Interviews. 14. Tradeshow visits. 15. Extraordinary creative work. If you join A’ Design Award (The A-Prime Design Award), they provide you preliminary feedbacks and submission guidelines which allows you to build a good portfolio and a great presentation, and if you win they will provide 7 out of 15 of these items listed here so that would be a great value. Apply to A’ Design Award & Competition today to push your career as a designer forward and to access new clients and audiences for yourself; get included in Buy Sell Design network or list your finished product at Design Megastore or your concepts at Salone Del Designer.


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