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How A Design Award is Creating a Better World

How A Design Award is Creating a Better World

Learn how a design competition could actually improve your quality of life.

There are many philanthropic organizations with almost all of them with a goal of improving the quality of life, conditions of life, human rights, ecology etc. The A (Prime) Design Award and Competition aims to improve the quality of life of citizens worldwide through promotion of good design and by creating a global awareness for good design which pushes designers, artists, architects and companies to create superior products and projects that benefit society. The award creates incentives for companies and manufacturers as well as large brands and their designers to create better products and services by recognition and promotion of good design. The A-Prime Design Award logo reaches about a billion impression each year, differentiating and highlighting better products and offerings to millions of people; creating an increase in demand for products, services or offerings that have the A Design Award logo. Good design improves the quality of life of people as it reduces waste, is environmentally friendly, cost effective for production, durable, ergonomic, healthy and also aesthetic. By creating a global awareness for good design, the A Design Award Competition pushes public to purchase or buy good design products and services, instead of undesigned offerings. The Good design products offer better performance, function or quality; using them improves the quality of life for us and the society, and the aggregate demand created through this global design awareness campaign pushes product manufacturers and service providers to provide better products and high-quality services; that is how a design competition can help you enjoy a better life.


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