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Designer Award

Designer Award

The award covers all areas of design from medical products, to advertising, and broadcast design.

A designer award is given each year to the creative minds who come up with new product designs, new packaging ideas, new clothing styles, new advertising methods, and hundreds of other categories. A design award can be given for ideas that take something already in existence and makes it better, and they can be given for ideas that open people's minds to different ways of using what we already have available. Anyone that has worked on a design for a new product knows that they have to manufacture that product once they have completed the design. A large number of people design something and then they pitch their ideas to companies that might be willing to create the prototype for them. Many of the people who do this find themselves losing their idea to the company they approached. This is very disheartening to them. One way to make sure that you get the credit for the product you designed is to enter the A Design Award & Competition. A Design Award & Competition provides every registrant with a certificate of proof on the work they register. That helps to protect the interest designer when their ideas are stolen, but of course proof of creation is not a design patent nor it is a replacement for a design patent. When you enter your work in the A Design Award & Competition you will be getting valuable feedback from people about your work. You will also catch the eye of the companies, and professionals that can help you develop your product, manufacture your product, and market your product. The winner of the design award will receive offers from companies that would like to buy their work outright and they will receive offers from companies that want the designer to go to work for them. This is because the work will be noticed, and the creator will get the recognition they deserve. Your chances of winning a Design Award & Competition are high if you get a good preliminary score, and the only way that you can win is for you to register and nominate your work. The work you have been doing was important enough to you that you spent all of those hours developing it. Now you need to spend a few minutes preparing to let the world see it.


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