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Hotel Design Awards 

Hotel Design Awards 

A Design Award & Competition presents a trophy to the best hotel design ideas and products each year.

To the average person a hotel is simply a building divided into many rooms that people rent to sleep in. To the designers of these structures a hotel is a work of art. Hotels could be considered as grand machines having many different parts that must work together perfectly in order for the machine to operate efficiently. A Design Award & Competition recognizes the hotel designs for their beauty, their functionality, and their creative and unique properties. A hotel design has to be attractive in order to attract customers. People do not simply want a room that has a bed, shower, and bathroom facilities, they want a room that is beautiful, elegant, meets all of their creature needs, both in comfort, and in visual aspects. The appearance of a room is more important in attracting customers than the comfort of the bed. Each hotel chain has different designs that they use for decorating their rooms, their lobbies, their foyers, and more. Each hotel chain is constantly on the lookout for new designs that will make their rooms appeal to people more, and all of the hotel designers are working constantly to help create the visual effects that will do this. A Design Award & Competition provides a person who has developed a new hotel design, or a new idea that will improve the services at a hotel with the ability to get their designs seen, and recognized by some of the top hotel chains. A great idea cannot do anything until it is seen by people who can help it along the channels of design, development, marketing, and recognition. In order to get the recognition you deserve for the hotel design work you have done you need to be able to market that idea to the right people. Letting all of your friends know what you have been doing will not help you to sell the work you have been doing. You need to use a source like A Design Award & Competition so that your work is noticed by the people who can be beneficial to you, and so you can get the proof of creation, and fame that you deserve for what you have done.


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