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Sustainable Design Award 

Sustainable Design Award 

A sustainable design award is given to the best design for products, materials, and methods of creating products that protect the biological systems on earth.

The sustainable design award from A Design Award & Competition honors the work of people who have devoted their energy to creating changes so that biological systems may retain their productivity. In other words, the A Design Award & Competition is a place for people who are interested in creating methods, products, or ideas that will help our planet to sustain itself like it was designed to do. We have all learned that in order for the earth to remain a livable planet we need to make certain that each biological system on the planet is capable of remaining productive. From the birds of the air to the fish in the sea each biological system must be able to reproduce at the appropriate rate. That means growth must be possible when needed, and the natural population control must also be allowed to function properly. You cannot save one biological system by eliminating the presence of another system that would be considered an enemy to the first. You have to design ways to help one biological system to be productive without causing damage to any other system. That takes a lot of work, research, and dedication. A Design Award & Competition is set up to recognize all of the work that you have put into your idea for improving the sustainable world. Each registrant with A Design Award & Competition will receive a certificate that establishes proof of creation. That means that each registrant will receive undeniable proof that they were the master mind behind the idea, the product, and the creation. The winner of the competition will receive recognition from the people who will be able to help the sustainable idea become a practiced method. A Design Award Competition provides the creators of products and ideas that use green building, stop environment degradation, and stop over-consumption of natural resources the ability to get their theories and ideas out to hundreds of magazines, and publications that will be read by thousands of people around the world. A Design Award & Competition provides each applicant with a unique opportunity to make a real change in the world and how people perceive the ecosystems that help maintain our existence.


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