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Call for entries to Content Design Competition

Call for entries to Content Design Competition

Writing, Literature and Content Design Competition promotes innovation in the field of creative writing. The competition is now open for entries.

It is not easy for a passionate content writer to become established in a field where talent and innovation don't always get the recognition they deserve. The A' Writing, Literature and Content Design Competition allows its participants to make positive use of their passion of writing in order to gain international fame. Any talented writer can challenge himself or herself to enter a competition where anyone has equal chances of winning, and whose primary aim is promoting innovation and talent in many creative sectors. A jury composed by experts in that field, such as companies head designers and faculty heads or professors, will evaluate each submission. In the event of victory the participant gets a comprehensive and extensive winner kit, which includes several exclusive items. By winning the prize, participants will get the prestigious award trophy, realized by 3D metal printing, the translation of their work in more than 20 languages, and a wonderful Gala-Night in Italy, where they can celebrate the competition results. The benefits for the winners do not stop there, as they will also be featured in three ranking lists: Designer Rankings, World Design Rankings e Design Classifications. These lists are created to provide even more visibility and publicity to A' Writing, Literature and Content Design Competition winners. Again, with regard to publicity and visibility, the winners will benefit from an extensive PR Campaign, aimed at providing further media coverage to their works. If you are a creative writer and you wrote a book or other literary contents, you should participate in this competition. In this category any literary work created by content writers, editors, publishing houses and researchers from all over the world can be submitted, in both traditional (print edition) and digital (e-book) form. Joining the contest you will attract the attention of media and separate yourself from the rest of actors in the sector by winning the A'Design Award, a certificate of excellence for writers. The competition is now open for entries, so join now. For more information please visit


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