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Graphic Design Awards

Graphic Design Awards

The attention of media, publishers and buyers in the field of graphic design can be easily drawn by an international award in design, such as the A Prime Design Award, created to bring fame and recognition to the best graphic designers, innovators and companies.

An international award can get an anonymous graphic designer from local zero to international hero in the field of design. In a world where there are hundreds of thousands designs created, launched and communicated, there must be a competition that sets the standards of value. And there is. In 2010, A’ Design Award & Competition was born out of the desire to highlight the best designs from all countries through public communication, ensured by 60 press partners and the design niche media worldwide. And it’s not only about the award itself, but what comes next to awarding. The winners of A’ Design Award for graphic designs are made known to the international public via the Gala-Night and Exhibition in Italy and communicated afterwards to all relevant media across the world. So join the largest design competition in the world to reach millions of design oriented audiences worldwide. If the 50 judges decide you have a winner design, the benefits are countless in terms of prestige and recognition. One simple example is the number of times the competition or its winners were seen by the interested audience and this reached 1 billion last year, according to calculations based on the traffic driven from the media. So far, 940 designers or companies have won the A’ Design Award under 110 categories of the competition. Beyond numbers, this can be translated in fame. Therefore, you should register online and upload your best graphic design images no later than 28th of February. However, if you do it few days earlier you will be provided a preliminary checking service free of charge. This means you get indicative preliminary scores for your designs, but also some jury feedbacks, comments and suggestions to make your presentation better, totally free of charge.


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