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Call for Exceptional Designs for Young Design Award

Call for Exceptional Designs for Young Design Award

Invitation for participation in the Young Design Competition

The A’ Design Young Design Competition is a category which offers no restrictions design-wise and offers all young designers to present their work to the world. If you are a: design student, young architect, newly formed design company or a freelance designer A’ Design Young Design Competition can help you make your creation known to the world. The only restriction is that you have to be under 35 years old. The whole point of A’ Design Young Design Award is to help your product succeed on today’s market and it does so by providing the lucky winner with: the preparation for publishing of press release and the distribution of it, a certificate of winning the A’ Design Award Competition and a Proof of Creation certificate, exclusive 3D printed trophy, publication in the book of winning designs printed annually, PR campaign for your product and much more. All your needs concerning the marketing and distribution of your creation worldwide is covered by A’ Design Award. It also provides the chance for your design to be reviewed by some of the most renowned names of today’s design world as the jury consists of Academic and Professional people, including world famous designers and design professors. It will also get looked at by our Focus Group jury consisting of ordinary people to make the decision as unbiased as possible. This all helps distinguish the winning design from the crowd of other similar designs, as the A’ Design mark is a world renowned mark of quality and prestige. This is a great opportunity for newly graduated design students, freelance designers or even newly formed design companies to make a name of themselves on today’s market. For any further concerns regarding A’ Design Award competition visit and we will provide you with all the necessary information. The competition is currently open and is accepting applications at any given time, so do not hesitate to nominate today for a chance at worldwide popularity.


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