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Submissions being Sought for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award

Submissions being Sought for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award

The fashion, apparel and garment industry includes all clothing manufacturers, plus many of the accessories carried by individuals each day.

A' Design Award & Competition is currently accepting product designs in the category of Fashion, Apparel and Garment design. The best entry will win a trophy plus much more. A' Design Award & Competition is looking for entries of runway collections from designers, and design houses, and clothing such as suits, skirts, trousers, jackets, dresses, undergarments, and all other articles of clothing. The clothing designs can be for any sex, age, or gender, and the designer can be an established design professional or a new designer. Why enter the A' Design Award Competition? Because, the winner of this competition will have their work sent to more than 100 magazines, website publications, and papers that publish things pertaining to the fashion industry. The winner gets help with releasing their design details to the press so more fashion conscious businesses will see the design. The winning design will receive stickers, and seals that can be placed on them showing all consumers that they are purchasing one of the best designs. The winner also gets a certificate showing that they are the sole owner of the design. You can expect to receive offers to purchase your design when you win the competition. You will also get the attention of head design houses, and people who can help you to advance in your career. The fame from winning a competition like this can help you to become one of the major names in the fashion industry all around the globe. The people entering this competition and the manufacturers that watch the results of this competition are from every corner of the globe. The garment design industry can be hard to break into, and hard to maintain your position in, but a competition like the one held by A' Design Award can help you to enter into the spotlight quickly, but, you cannot win if you do not enter. You can get full competition details at There is still time to register your design in this year's contest.


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