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Registration Open for Lighting Products Design Award

Registration Open for Lighting Products Design Award

A lighting products and projects design award is given to the best product design in the category by A Design Award & Competition each year.

The lighting products and projects will include neon lighting, backlights, pendant lights, wall washers, torchers, and more. Every entry will benefit from having participated in the competition. Lighting products and projects design awards are given out to the best concepts, product designs, or installation practice designs. Manufacturers of lighting products will enter, electricians who have discovered a more economical, or safer way to install lighting products will enter, and electric companies that have devised new products will enter. You do not have to have a finished product in order to be accepted as a registrant to the competition. Your concept and ideas will be considered as feasible candidates for the competition, and you do not have to be established in this field. Newcomers are highly encouraged to enter the competition and bring fresh innovative products to this market. When you register your design with A' Design Award & Competition you will receive proof of creation. That will help you to protect your idea, and will help you in the patenting process of your product design. A winning product will receive a trophy, the certificate of design proving who entered it into the competition and when it was entered, a press release kit to help the designer spread the word of the design winning the competition, instant entries into hundreds of magazines around the world, seals and stickers to place on the product before it is displayed to the consumers so every consumer will be aware that the product won the competition, and more. When you have an innovative idea for a new product like a new lighting fixture, or a new way to install fixtures that are already on the market, you want as many people as possible to be made aware of your idea. In order to raise awareness you must advertise what you have done. If you advertise in the right places you could quickly realize fame, and great sums of money, from your work. A' Design Award & Competition will help you to advertise your work in the right places. A' Design Award & Competition is currently still taking entries for the upcoming competition. You can get the full details at You should go ahead and enter the competition today, and start making a place for the trophy right now.


This article was added on Monday, 2nd of February, 2015 at 11.16 pm by author Mustahida Rahman Tags: torchieres, wall washers, neons, backlights, pendant lights, lighting installations, competition, feasible, new products. Read our copyright policy here.


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