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Call for Submission to an Interior Space Design Award Competition

Call for Submission to an Interior Space Design Award Competition

The Interior space, retail and exhibition design award category includes designs for bars, hotels, motels, restaurants, stores and shops, convention centers, recreational centers, residential structures, and commercial structures. A' Design Award 7 Competition is in search of the very best new ideas among these items.

A' Design Award & Competition has a panel of experts in several different product categories that review the new designs and determine which of those new designs is the most innovative, creative, useful, and marketable. Established manufacturers will be competing against brand new faces with entries of products to be used on interior spaces, and methods of installation that can change interior space design. You are welcome to register your work in the competition no matter what level of designer you are. You can enter products that you have designed to be used, ideas of ways to improve installations, and concepts for products that could be applied to interior spaces. Interior design ideas for both commercial and residential structure are accepted. If you are an established design artist you already know that by winning this competition you will increase the chances that your product will become a best-selling product. The winners receive advertising and marketing advice to help them sell their products. The winners receive offers to purchase the product concept from companies. The winner gets a trophy to display, proof of creation certificates, proof of participation certificates, press release kits, advice from the experts that review the product, and world-wide exposure to companies that might have interest in the product. The winning entries from this competition will be ten times more likely to become best-selling products around the world because of the exposure they receive. Registration into the competition can be done online in just a few minutes. You simply go to and click on the registration link to fill out the proper form. You can also get all of the details on the competition, how to register, and the deadline for entering. There is a deadline on each category so you should not delay going to see what all of the fuss is about.


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