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Entries Sought for a Mobility and Transportation Design Award Competition

Entries Sought for a Mobility and Transportation Design Award Competition

Designers are welcome to submit their best vehicle designs for awards consideration.

This category includes designs for bicycles, motor powered items like motorcycles, cars, trains, ships, boats, buses, planes, yachts, scooters, four-wheelers, and more. The designer does not have to be an established designer. The best designs in vehicle, mobility and transportation are being sought as entries into A' Design Award & Competition's annual event. A grand design for a product that will give people the power to travel from one place to another may never get off of the drawing board if it is not documented and advertised. One of the benefits of entering into the A' Design Award & Competition event is that the winning entry will be placed into more than one hundred publications read by people in the transportation business. That equals free advertising for the designer. The winner also gets a proof of creation certificate that helps protect their rights to their design. This will help when the design artists starts to patent their work. The winner will be offered lucrative deals from transportation companies for the rights to their ideas or products. The winner will receive valuable marketing advice, and a press kit to help them market, and advertise their product design. The winner gets badges that they can place on their product to show that they won the competition. The badges can be used for as long as the design artist chooses to use them. The winner will receive the information each member of the jury wrote about their design. This information will be valuable in assessing improvements the designer may want to implement, or changes they may want to consider. All entries are provided with a proof of creation certificate that helps to protect the intellectual rights to every design concept. All of this may sound too good to be true, but you can go to for yourself and see all of the competition details. You will be able to see all of the information you will need to register your work, and in a short time you will be making a decision that might influence the rest of your career in a positive way.


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