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The Spacecraft Design Award is open for entries

The Spacecraft Design Award is open for entries

Reach for the stars and win with the spacecraft design award

The call of the stars is as strong today as it was the day Neil Armstrong uttered that famous phrase and set foot on the moon, and although we see many more facets to space exploration than simply visiting our satellite, the idea and pioneering spirit of those days remain intact. To this end, the Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Award is looking to celebrate the ideas and innovation of the space industry and find the very best new designs being worked on today. Whether you have a concept work or a fully realized and prototyped design, we are looking for the ideas that change how we see space and the exploration of the universe around us. The Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Award is recognized across the globe, and represents a chance for new ideas and creations to garner a global audience and be seen by those who matter. Winners of Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Award receive some amazing benefits as part of their winner’s package, making this one competition that is well worth entering for anyone in the industry. The winner’s package is a complete jumpstart for any project, with global publicity from a full, professional PR campaign as well as exposure through syndicated magazine articles that will feature in over 100 different magazines reaching everywhere right across the world. In addition the winners will receive marketing advice, invitations to prime clubs and proof of creation documents, along with sales lists and the award trophy itself of course! Being able to add the winner’s logo to your design whilst having the global publicity itself ensures that the winning design will not fade into nothing, but is far more likely to boldly go, and be the success every designer hopes their creation will be. Entries are currently being sought for the Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design Award, so get your submission in today. Details can be found at Submit your design today, the sky is no longer the limit.


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