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Call for submissions to The Care Design Competition

Call for submissions to The Care Design Competition

Products to help the Differently Abled and Seniors are welcome

The care and quality of life for the aged and differently abled is one of the main social responsibilities we as a society share. Advances and innovation in the equipment and tools that provide better levels of independence or expand the possibilities available to those affected is something that really makes a difference, it can be a completely life changing development for those who get the benefits of those innovations, and as such we feel that the creators of this innovation should be honored. The A' Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Competition was created to reward those who really bring change to others lives, who make the seemingly impossible possible and create solutions that impact in a positive way for whomever uses them. Everyone loves a trophy, and of course winners of the A' Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Competition get one of those, but it is the winners package that can really make a difference for those winners. The winners receive an extensive PR Campaign that features press release preparation and distribution, Newsletter announcement and article syndication to over 100 magazines providing a high level of exposure right around the world. Along with this is a physical exhibition of selected products, proof of creation documents and sales lists for winning designs. Along with several other benefits this creates a comprehensive winner’s package that combined with professional marketing guidance gives winning designers the platform to launch from. Invitations to prime clubs ensure that those designs and designers can make the contacts then need to succeed. Entries are currently being requested for this award, so if you think your idea has what it takes, get your submission ready and reap the benefits of improved brand awareness, prestige, marketing and promotion further details can be found at Your designs help others, let the world see how you do it, submit your design today.


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» Starting on April 15, The International ADESIGNAWARD is Open.
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