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Call for Design Award for Furniture Accessories

Call for Design Award for Furniture Accessories

Calling entries for Furniture Accessories, Hardware, and Materials Design Award

The A' Design Award for Furniture Accessories, Hardware, and Materials is a sign of excellence and accomplishment for furniture accessory designs. This is an internationally known and accepted award, and it grabs the interest of organizations as well as individuals all over the globe. The A’Design Award is a symbol of brilliance and a significant benchmark in a career to help get more leads and sales. Those who win this award attracts attention from thousands of international designers. This leads to better jobs while getting the winner noticed by high profile companies looking for professional designers. The winner will also get a certificate and a trophy, which will be announced in our magazine and on our web site. They will also be given sticker templates to place on their products with the A’ seal of design excellence. This will be effective, with no cost, during the life span of the items. The judges are scholars and professionals from around the globe, with CEO and lead designers of organizations. There are also some faculty leaders and instructors included to help with the judging. There is also a focus group made up of average individuals, who will provide a non-biased opinion. The votes and viewpoints of the professionals, scholars, and the focus group will all be counted and decided. Those who enter should remember that your entry is judged on many different features and aspects. Every entry is assessed on its ability to be maintained, how difficult it is to use, and the packaging it is presented in. The judges will consider the innovative properties, human elements, simplicity of use, complexity of the idea, texture, patterns, and what resources are selected for use. There are no extra costs after winning the award, and the items listed for the winners are presented with no hidden charges. The purpose of the Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Award is to get the winners noticed by the furniture design media, publications, and business leaders. The award is also intended to get interest for the projects by introducing and broadcasting these designs and presenting them with awards. Top 3 benefits: 1. Your design will be given extensive coverage in online media and search engines. 2. The winning designs are exhibited in front of the relevant companies and winners will have the opportunity to meet with the industry leaders and businesses. 3. Your design’s realization probability increases multifold, as there are numerous companies which are following this competition closely each year. Which items can be submitted to this category? Entrants can submit concept stage and realized furniture accessories and furniture materials. The A’ Design award is open for hardware producers, material manufacturers, furniture accessories companies and design studios from across the world. The competition is currently open for entries (entries are ongoing and perpetual and submissions can be made at anytime). For more information visit Send your winning entries today!


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