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Award Winning Product Design

Award Winning Product Design

The story behind the design of each product is important and innovative designs of new products will be awarded internationally.

The story behind the design of each product is important and innovative designs of new products are being awarded by various organizations in numerous product categories internationally. Red Dot Award is continually looking for new innovative designs with the focus on changing the world. They have various different award categories such as best of the best (normally awarded for ground-breaking designs), winner and honourable mention (for specifically well-executed aspects of a design). Judging is done on the actual product and not only on prototypes of future products. The panels normally consist of international represented jury members in the industry. IDSA conducts an “International Design Excellence Award” giving recognition to excellence in product designs internationally and even students are allowed to enter. It is a very honourable and prestigious award. iF (International Forum Design) is a German company that has been recognizing excellent product designs and has also been involved with design oriented activities internationally. The iF logo is much sought after due to the fact that it is respected as on of the largest design centres in the world and even third party projects are being managed. They also operate as a mediator between the economy and designs and assist with the public awareness of new product designs. Core77 Design Awards are part of a central point of contact for industrial designers and industry leaders in new products. Extensive services are also being offered and discussion forums are being held to improve and discussed new tendencies. CES Innovation Awards is United States competition held annually to recognize outstanding engineering and product designs in various consumer technology fields. Judges consist of three members on a team varying from independent engineers to members of the trade press. Some of the benefits of being a winner with one of the award winning product design organizations apart from international exposure is also various sponsorship opportunities. Finally, there is the A' Design Award which has become the Worlds' Largest design competition in the last years.


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