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Competitions to Enter

Competitions to Enter

An endless number of different types of competitions can be entered online, some of them are free of charge and others you have a fee to be pay.

An endless number of different types of competitions can be entered online, some of them are free of charge and others you have a fee to be paid. Companies are using the competitions to gain valuable information about consumers and you stand the chance of winning really worthwhile items or even lavish holidays. There are many different types of online competitions of which this article will just mention some of the main streams: 1) Completion of online forms to enter a web prize draw type competition 2) Other competitions require you to send and email to be entered into an email prize draw 3) Site registration requires you to get people to sign up to your website 4) Joining newsletters is easy but will cause a large number of e-mails that will be sent to you (ensure that you have an alternative e-mail address just dedicated for this purpose) 5) Funny or relevant picture captions with prize draws 6) Tiebreakers require you to complete a specific sentence in a specified number of words and this could be very time consuming. 7) You could also enter competitions where you need to upload your photos or video clips in order to win a prize 8) Various programmes has the opportunity to refer a friend to win either some credits or actual cash prizes 9) Twitter or Facebook are sometimes used to request you to “like” some fan page or send a tweet to be able to be entered into a competition draw 10) Some companies also require product reviews to be posted of products used (this will obviously require you to purchase the product in order to be able to write a review) Once again it can be mentioned that entering online competitions can be very time consuming with little reward and it should be seen as a rewarding hobby rather than an income opportunity. Thus my suggestion is you take part in a professional design competition if you want to have recognition for your work, try the a design awards for example.


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