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Print Design Awards

Print Design Awards

Printing is one of the key mediums by which hundreds of thousands of items of communication are carried out throughout the world.

Printing is one of the key mediums by which hundreds of thousands of items of communication are carried out throughout the world. Over the years, the print design industry has advanced to unimaginable heights this has been motivated mainly by the advancement achieved in the technology that is applicable to this sector. In recognition of this, there are several awards that have honored the best designs that have been conceived over the years. The Regional Design Annual is one the most prestigious design contests in America; this contest has been organized in one of the most unique way in the sense that the designs are evaluated region by region. Nothing motivates and individual more than recognition for an idea well put and the 3D Printing Award’s main aim is to do just that. This award has also made its mark by the recognition that it has given to the creativity displayed in the use of 3D printing. The award is sponsored by the America Makes and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Graphics Excellence Awards is an award that recognizes the workmanship as well as the technology of the employees of an organization. It is a regional award participated in by printers and designers in a particular region of the country with the opportunity to win in over one hundred different categories including the top division, the top show and the special categories. Other notable awards in the print design include the Premier Print Awards which has been in existent for over six decades, this is a contest that recognizes and awards the quality of print from around the world where the winners get either a certificate of merit or the Benny statue. The graphic design USA magazine has for over five decades also honored new achievers in twenty three different categories which include printing , participation in this national contest is open to everyone in the design set up including corporations as well as small design firms with participation attracting close to ten thousand entries. Finally, we must mention the A' Design Awards which has received entries from all over the world and has become the Worlds' largest design award which also manages the world design rankings.


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