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Appliance Design Awards

Appliance Design Awards

Appliance Design Awards are now open for entries of best electrodomestic products worldwide.

A’ Design Award & Competition is pleased to announce that the international A’ Appliance Design Awards are now open for entries by industrial designers and appliance manufacturers worldwide. Entries to the A’ Appliance Design Awards can be made till February 28 and the results of the competition will be announced on April 15. Previous winners of the A’ Appliance Design Awards can be seen online at A’ Design Award & Competitions’ online showcase of best designs at Design enthusiasts and press members are cordially invited to view the past winners. Press members can also download high-resolution images and interviews with the award winning appliance designers. The A’ Appliance Design Awards is an annual juried design competition. Entries to the A’ Appliance design awards are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by an expert jury panel of design professionals and press members who peer review and vote on entries following strict evaluation guidelines. Laureates of the A’ Appliance Design Awards are eligible to receive the A’ Design Prize which includes all the tools and services that are required to push and promote the winners. The coveted A’ Design Prize includes but not limited to press release preparation and distribution, interview with the designers, World Design Rankings inclusion, hardcover yearbook of best designs, design excellence certificate and award trophy. The A’ Design Award & Competition was established based on a philanthropic goal to advance society by pushing the frontiers of science, design, creativity and technology forward by creating incentives for innovators to come up with better ideas. The A’ Design Competition aims to create incentives that ignite and reward creativity, original ideas and concept generation in all industrial sectors. The “A’ Design Award Winner” logo, given to award winning designs, signifies original, functional and efficient designs that help the world become a better place. Learn more at


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