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Call For Nominations To Interactive Product Design Award

Call For Nominations To Interactive Product Design Award

The Interactive Design Award Competition is now open and calls for entries from talented designers of interactive projects and services.

Interactive products are basically products and services which are computer based and respond to the actions of the users by presenting graphics, animation, audio, text or other contexts. Interactive projects and installations respond to the actions - interactions of people who view them. Interactive media is a popular means of communication where the input from the user results in the output from the media. The user also has the ability to go back with the media. However, the participation of the user is essential for interactive media to work. The input of the user basically determines the type of interaction between the media and user. With a huge range of interesting and exciting features, users are able to have better enjoyment. Today, we have many talented designers of interactive products that need recognition. If not recognition, then it is important that these designers are awarded for their effort and hard work. The A Design Award has introduced a special category for interactive product design where designers of these kinds of products and services can submit their entries and win an award. Call for nominations to interactive product design award from A Design Award is ongoing and it is open for designers from around the world. Although this is a concealed category to protect the designs and concepts, winners can gain a number of benefits. They will be awarded bronze, silver, gold or platinum for their achievements and they will also be able to use the logo for their marketing and promotion purposes. The entries for this award category will be based on user-friendliness and the flow of the interaction. The entry must be accompanied with a main image. Optional images can also be provided to give different views and angles of the interaction design. The criteria for selection is simple and includes level of interactivity, overall aesthetics, degree of innovation, usefulness and choice of medium. How humans will be able to interact will be given the most consideration. For more information, you can visit the A Design Award website. To win an award, make a submission today.


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