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Accepting Entries For Structured Product Design Award

Accepting Entries For Structured Product Design Award

Structured product designers from around the world are invited to submit their entries for a chance to win an internationally recognized award.

Structured products are investments where the payouts depend on the performance of another product. This could be stock market index or any other product. Generally, there are two types of structured products and they can be classified as structured deposits and structured investments. Some banks offer structured deposits in the form of savings accounts where you get an interest rate that depends on how a particular measure such as a stock market index performs. On the other hand, structured investments are offered by banks and insurance companies where the money you put in is invested into two separate products. One investment provides the bonus and other protects your capital. It requires a great deal of talent to come up with such brilliant ideas to design these kinds of products. This is the reason the A Design Award has introduced a category where designers of structured products can submit their entries and win an award. This is to recognize the best designers and award them for their hard work and effort. The Structured Product Design Award from A Design Award is not only an award, but it is meant to indicate perfection and quality in a design. This category of awards is open to financial institutions from around the world. Whether it is a financial service company, credit union or bank, submissions can be made. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this is a concealed award category due to the nature of the structured products. The results and designs will not be displayed publicly, but the winner will receive a number of benefits. More information can be obtained from the A Design Award website. If you want to make your entries visible, you can request to do so. You must keep in mind that entries will be evaluated based on a number of things. Factors that will be considered include ease of implementation, degree of innovation, value generation, depth of development and human factors. Entries are now open so if you think you may have a winning structured product design, enter the competition today.


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