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Call For Entries For Green Design Award

Call For Entries For Green Design Award

Calling for nominations for presenting Sustainable Products, Projects And Green Design Award

The Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award is given to recognize efforts of the companies, institutions and designers who have done commendable jobs to respect the environment. The goal of A' Design Award and Competition is to focus and emphasize the outstanding abilities and talents of best designs, design ideas and creative designs worldwide. The intention of the award is to get publicity, public relations, and marketing opportunities for the contestants. The A’ Design Award is in support with the design culture all over the world to create their best designs to propel them into a successful future. Each year, creations that place emphasis on innovation, knowledge, design, and originality are presented with the A' Award. Although these designers do find other ways to get published, find new advertisers, and meet a wide range of consumers for their current products, our company can also help their creativity and networking skills. When choosing the A' Design Award the judges use a blind judging procedure, precise evaluating criteria, score standardization, cross-over corresponding, etc. This award only goes to the finest made up of professors, experts, business leaders and focus group members to deliver an honest and unbiased evaluation process. The jury will be looking for factors that will focus on the sustainability of the design. Design factors such as enhanced energy efficiency, pollution, water and waste reduction, are evaluated. The A'Design Award & Competition logo, which is given by universal specialists, is trustworthy globally and indicates universally recognized design excellence. Business and design studios use the A'Design Award as a noticeable representation for their communication. For potential clients, the A'Design Award winner logo is a guide for discovering the finest plans and innovative services on the market. Being in the A'Design Award & Competition shows the desire to be innovative, and to reform, remodel, revamp and the nerve to participate in such a competition. The purpose of A' Design Award is to feature, promote, and support high quality design, and to award the victors widespread and thorough exposure, recognition and fame. The competition offers extensive and powerful exposure to award winning designs. It is considered as a superior and high-return option to any marketing you may already have. Top 3 benefits: 1. A' Design Awards is a leading design competition, held every year, that credits the finest designers, architects, engineers, design studios, and design oriented companies across the globe to give them recognition, exposure, and public relations. 2. Your design will be featured in A’ Design yearly book that ensures increased exposure to the relevant public. 3. The winner gets the A’ Design Award Winner Certificate, which is an evidence of quality and can be used to highlight your expertise. If you have an excellent design that could win, be sure to enter the contest.


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