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Call for entries for Culture Industry Design Award

Call for entries for Culture Industry Design Award

Cultural project design to be recognized with award.

The 21st century has seen a resurgence of community, driven by the march of technology and the rise of social media, communities have evolved into something much broader than at any time in history, but they are communities nonetheless. This shift away from the self-focused period at the ned of the last century towards a sense of community, even one as radically different as they now are, has changed other views as well. Social and cultural heritage has become a more valuable asset for many people, and rather than something to be frowned on, the cultural aspects of our present and our histories is being seen as the important aspects of our existence they are. This leads us into an award for cultural project design, to acknowledge and honor the designers, whether they be young designers, design companies, activists, Governments or NGO’s who are currently either at the concept stage or have fully realized cultural projects that display outstanding design. This globally recognized award brings a fantastic package of benefits for the winners, as well as the amazing trophy, the winners receive a package to really boost their visibility right around the world. The winners will benefit from a comprehensive PR campaign including press release creation and distribution worldwide in addition to professional marketing advice so the winning designers can take full advantage of the exposure. This creates the perfect prize for those looking to gain a wider audience for their work. Further, promotional content syndicated to over 100 magazines around the world along with physical exhibition for the winners and invitations to prime clubs are other entries into a long list of benefits, with winners of The A' Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award having everything they need to make their project a successful one. Entries are being sought right now, with further details available on If your design is making a real difference, submit your entry today and let the world know.


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» Do not join free competitions if your ideas are not cheap.
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