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Call for entry to the Advertising Design Awards

Call for entry to the Advertising Design Awards

Put your winning marketing strategy forward for award consideration

Advertising and marketing are subjects that truly reflect the society we are. They change as we do, as the world around us and the technology we use changes, so does the advertising and marketing. 100 years ago it was print ads in newspapers, 70 years ago it was radio ads, 50 years ago TV ads that reflected the values of the times, today whilst those still remain, when we think of marketing and advertising we are just as likely to think of a Facebook campaign, banner ad or an email as we are any of the others. As society itself have moved to a more visual world of fast communication the marketing and advertising world has followed suit, keeping pace with these changes and often predicting them. Such changing ideals leads to true design innovation, the competition in advertising and marketing today, often on a global scale, has brought constant innovation from the designers, both individual and agencies, branding experts and design consultancies across the world. The A' Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award aims to honor the achievements and recognize the pinnacle of this design sector, with winners in receipt of a trophy to go along with a whole host of significant benefits. With an extensive global PR Campaign that features press release preparation and distribution and a Newsletter announcement, a Trophy, Content Syndication to over 100 magazines, a physical exhibition of selected products, proof of creation documents and sales lists for winning designs, winners have everything they need for success. Invitations to prime clubs and marketing advice are other parts of the winners package, and with still more benefits as well, it’s an award that and designer would want to win. Entries for the A' Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award are now being accepted, full details of the entry process itself and more details of the benefits for the winners can be found at Marketing and exposure is your lifeblood, benefit from winning and submit your entry today.


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