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Equipment Design Awards

Equipment Design Awards

Recognizing excellence in equipment design, the Equipment Design Awards celebrates the best equipment and systems designed for public, commercial, industrial, medical and scientific use such as machinery, devices, tools and instruments.

Be part of the worlds' most inclusive and celebrated design awards and competition by taking part in the Equipment Design Awards organized by A' Design Award and Competition. Entries are open to both freelance professionals such as equipment designers and product engineers and also to corporations or enterprises manufacturing equipment and tools, entries can be realized products, prototypes or concept designs, thus students are also permitted to participated. Winners of each category will receive the equipment design award trophy realized in 3d printing of metal, will be published in the best equipment designs awards gallery, and will be entitled to a PR Campaign which includes communication to thousands of media, press release preparation and distribution, editorial placements and of course the best designs yearbook and the ability to use award winning product logo. Entries are accepted from a wide-range of equipment and tool design categories, both client work and self-initiated projects could be entered as well as entrepreneurial to pro-bono work could be submitted. Equipment Design Awards is the annual showcase of excellence in equipment and machinery design. The Equipment Design Awards is on a quest to award and promote brilliant equipment designs and uncover the world's best equipment designers. To be nominated for a Equipment Design Award requires a holistic approach to equipment design where all parts of the product are equal to the whole; entries will be considered on criteria such as ergonomics, efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics.


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