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Seeking entries for the Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award

Seeking entries for the Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award

Seeking excellence in design of Pet Accessories, Grooming Supplies, Cages, Aquarium Supplies and more.

Whilst the world is getting more technological almost daily, with our reliance on gadgets and computers for almost all daily tasks now rendering daily life somewhat impersonal, the popularity of pets to inject some connection with a living entity has grown throughout the developed world as a result. With this increase in pet ownership follows an increase in need for the ancillary products that go with them. Whether it is Pet Accessories, Grooming Supplies, Cages, Aquarium Supplies or a wealth of other products, finding design innovation and methods of improving performance and creating new solutions are highlights of the design excellence displayed within this market sector. Whether produced by professional and young designers, design studios, and design oriented pet supplies manufacturers worldwide, the Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award exists to honor those creators and celebrate the advances and excellent design that is driving the industry forward. Winning the Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award provides access to an extensive, professional PR campaign that includes both the preparation and distribution of press releases, magazine content released to a syndicate of over 100 magazines right around the world and sales lists for the winning designs. Additionally, winners of course receive the obligatory trophy, along with proof of creating documentation and comprehensive marketing advice. A physical winner’s exhibition and invitations to prime clubs are another benefit that will enable the winning designs to be promoted globally. Whatever the product and however experienced the designer, such global exposure is extremely valuable, and with submissions now open on If you are involved in the pet supply industry, submit your entries today and be a part of this fantastic global competition.


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