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Call for entries to the Education and Training Content Design Awards

Call for entries to the Education and Training Content Design Awards

Recognizing design excellence in Education Content, Training Materials, Courses, Workshops and more

As our understanding of both the brain itself and human behavior had grown, so has our ability to create more effective learning programs for all demographics. The way in which knowledge is passed is a vital component of the learning process, and as such, is one of the core foundations on which the future of society is built. It is only by the education and growth of the next generation that society is able to continue to progress, without that we face a dismal future. Education and training programs that display added efficiency and improved value contribute to the progress of educational ideas through all demographics and stages of education, and this contribution to he improvement of society is why this the Education and Training Content Design Award exists, to honor the designers, content creators, educators and other education content creators worldwide who are helping society to improve. The winners of this award will benefit in a variety of ways, receiving a comprehensive winner’s package that brings global exposure for the creator and the product. This package features a PR campaign including a press release, created and then distributed worldwide. To ensure full maximum value is obtained from this package, professional marketing advice is also available so the winning designers can take full advantage of the exposure. This presents a package ideal for those looking to gain a wider audience for their work. Additionally, promotional content syndicated to over 100 magazines around the world along with physical exhibition for the winners and invitations to prime clubs are other entries into a long list of benefits, with winners of The Education and Training Content Design Award having everything they need to make their project a uccessful one. Entries are being sought right now, with further details available on Your educational programs change the world, submit your designs today to get the recognition you deserve.


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