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Seeking entries for the Car and Motor Vehicle Design Awards

Seeking entries for the Car and Motor Vehicle Design Awards

An award to recognize design excellence in Cars, Trucks, Pickups, Bus, Sports, Utility Vehicles and more

No other of man’s many inventions had had such an impact on the lives of so many people as the motor vehicle. Providing affordable transport and independence that transformed our relationship with the world around us. The ability to efficiently travel distances relatively quickly has changed the locations where we work, and where we live in relation to it. We no longer need to live in sight of our workplace, industry can now be located away from urban zones where people live, creating healthier and more pleasing environments for all. However, with the focus now on sustainability and efficiency as we face the issues of fossil fuel supplies and climate change, motor vehicle design has taken on a new importance in finding ways to keep the mobility we take for granted as accessible as it currently is. Whether it is Cars, Trucks, Pickups, Bus, Sports or Utility Vehicles, design of the interior, exterior, efficiency, sustainability and technological advancement are changing the industry and creating real innovation that is changing how we view the automobile in its many forms. The Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award has been created to honor those designers and products that display a level of excellence, innovation and new ideas that really stand out in a vibrant industry. Whether it is professional or young designers, design studios, car stylists, in-house design teams or even design oriented automobile manufacturers, this award will bring worldwide recognition for the design excellence they produce. The winners of this award are able to take advantage of an extensive PR Campaign, a newsletter announcement and article syndication to over 100 magazines. Along with this is a physical exhibition of selected products, proof of creation documents and sales lists for winning designs. In tandem with several other benefits this creates a comprehensive winner’s package that combined with professional marketing guidance gives winning designers the platform to launch from. Invitations to prime clubs ensure that those designs and designers can make the contacts then need to succeed. Submissions are now open for the Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award, further details for submissions and the award itself can be found at Submit your motor industry designs today and let the world know your work.


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