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Finding & Working with the Best Designer

Finding & Working with the Best Designer

There are several ways to find a famous designer to work with your company, you could browse the World Design Index or contact the DesignMediators to find you the most suitable candidate.

There are several ways to find a famous designer. For instance, you might want to search the World Design Index directory to find a good designer or visit the World Design Consortium platform to work with the best designers in the world, and if you are searching for the famous designers, the best design consultancies or the most talented artists and architects, DesignMediators could help you find the best creative talent matching your needs. The DesignMediators is able to recommend individual designers or design businesses based on prior experience and past works. The DesignMediators is an experienced intermediary who knows the design industry very well and can help set up introductions to the worlds' best designers, artists and architects, design companies, creative agencies or consultants to help you get started with your project. DesignMediators will help you prepare your design brief which lays out in writing what you are commissioning your designers to do and what you need to achieve. DesignMediators have distinct departments specialized in different design disciplines and therefore can help you find the designers that are most skilled in that area. DesignMediators can help your brand connected with famous Italian, German, British, American and other designers; by collaborating with a famous designer you could co-brand your products and potentially increase their value. To get started, contact DesignMediators by visiting their website. If you are unable to afford fees for consultancy or if you are searching famous designers for non-commercial purposes (such as for the intend of featuring them in your magazines), please visit from which you can browse designers based on creative categories, visit World Design Rankings at to find best designers in any given country, search World Design Index at for finding many other designers, and of course visit to meet and discover the worlds' top designers, artists and architects.


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