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Fashion Design Competition

Fashion Design Competition

Fashion designers chance to get into the A Design Award for promoting your clothing, shoes, and even accessories

The A' Fashion, Apparel & Garment Design Awards is one of the most prestigious competition you can enter right now if you are a fashion designer. The competition is internationally recognized and is open to fashion designers of all types and levels. Whether you are a fashion designer, a tailor, a stylist, or even part of a fashion company, you will be eligible to enter the competition. If your designs have been on the runway or still in the concept stage, you can still submit them to be reviewed by A’ Design’s panel of judges for the A' Fashion, Apparel & Garment Design Awards. This award carries a lot of good fortune for the lucky winner. The recognition you can receive as winner of this award is immense. Your name and design will get published in the A’ Design winner’s booklet and the booklet will be distributed to hundreds of fashion design companies all over the world. Everyone in this field holds an interest in this award because they use it to look out for new talent when looking for their next hire. Such exposure could really boost your career. At the same time, A’ Design sends out press releases to print and online media to inform them of the winners and so you will get lots of media coverage as the proud winner of such a title. When people search for best fashion designers on the internet, your name will be listed among the search results. The winner’s package also has several other perks in it but the recognition and the exposure are the most valuable of them all. Why not check out the A' Fashion, Apparel & Garment Design Awards right now and see who the current entries are, browse through previous winners, and read through the contest conditions right now?


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