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International Fashion Design Awards

International Fashion Design Awards

IDFA International Fashion Design Awards focus on outstanding fashion talent, creativity and highlights the best designers, celebrating their intelligent and diligent works. There is no other event that puts the spotlight on international fashion designers like the IDFA Fashion Design Accolades.

The annual IDFA Fashion Design Awards recognizes the outstanding contributions made to international fashion by individuals from all areas of the industry and related arts. IDFA awards are given in a range of design verticals with awards being given for design excellence in womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories as well as jewelry. If your designs are described as dream clothes, inspiring, sophisticated, creative and fun, provocative, emotional you must definitely take part in the International Fashion Design Awards by entering your works. IDFA looks forward to showcasing another exciting year of emerging fashion talent, the accolades aim to recognize, and celebrate the wealth of fashion design talent across the world, pointing out extraordinary accomplishments in fashion profession. The IDFA provides a stepping stone for emerging design talent into the highly competitive fashion arena through networking, promotion and guidance, and the accolades help established fashion houses and brands to promote and advertise their work further. The IDFA Fashion Design Award lifetime logo license will be given to all winners. Taking part in IDFA fashion design awards is great opportunity to increase brand awareness and to showcase your recent work to industry professionals, fashionistas, press and media. The exposure from PR and marketing generated from taking part in the IDFA fashion accolades is invaluable to anyone who wishes to establish themselves within the fashion industry, and is highly beneficial to existing brands and established fashion houses to reach new and further audiences. IDFA wishes to help young talents for positioning his or her label on the international market and realizing his/her mission and of course helps larger brands by backing them with an internationally recognized award winner logo and an exclusive PR campaign which includes press release preparation, distribution and communication to thousands of publications. Entries will be judged by a professional jury panel composed of scholars, professional designers, entrepreneurs and press members. The jury forms a strong representation of the international fashion industry as they are all experienced and internationally renowned professionals, working within varying angels of the fashion system. Winning entries will be exhibited and the fashion design award laureates will be invited to the award gala. Works are entered online through A-Prime Design Awards webpage at


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