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Most Famous Designers

Most Famous Designers

The Popular Designers Index POPDES showcases the most popular designers today.

Have you ever wondered who are the World's most famous designers? Do you know the leading popular designers, design teams, creative consultants, architects and in-house design teams? Checkout the POPDES, the popular designers index which lists the worlds truly leading and most famous designers, creatives, makes, photographers, architects and intellectuals who design original and innovative products, services and ideas in almost all industries. The POPDES popular designers index is special and differs from other competing rankings such as the World Design Rankings, Designer Rankings or the DAC - Design Classifications which all sort the designers based on merit instead of real fame, however at the POPDES, the sorting algorithm to rank the most famous designers is purely based on the number of impressions and press interests, making the ranking an accurate reflection of World's most popular and famous designers. This list is indeed especially important for companies who are looking for famous designers to co-brand their products, by tapping into the fame of designers listed at POPDES companies could potentially expect to create new and original products that appeal to the market taste and preferences as well as products that are more likely to get press coverage and therefore more sales. Design lovers and press members worldwide are encouraged to checkout the POPDES popular designers rankings at The POPDES designer popularity rankings are updated twice a year with new rising design stars each year and you can view the top 1000 famous designers at their website.


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