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Universal Design Award

Universal Design Award

The A Prime Award is a truly universal design award thanks to its platform that follow Universal Design Principles

World's most international design award and competition is most probably the A' Design Award which runs and manages the World Design Rankings, the A' Design Award presentation is also available in almost all language, and they have dedicated public relation specialists in many countries, furthermore the A' Design Award translates award winning works to all languages, which further increase the reach of the competition worldwide, the are perhaps all possible thanks to the Universal Design Principles followed by the A' Design Awards which requires them to accept entries from all countries from all regions and cities worldwide, furthermore in addition to geographical openness, the design competition is further open to entries of young designers as well as professional designers, enterprises, companies, design agencies, architecture offices, creative consultancies, governments, institutions, research and development centers as well as big brands, this open approach enables everyone to join the competition and compete on equal terms which fortify their Universal Design approach, furthermore the design award is open to entries that are both in concept stage as well as realized, products in market as well as prototypes and products that were realized to market earlier, in addition to geographic and participant freedom, the design award has also over hundred different categories, therefore you could submit any type of design from spatial design projects to graphic designs, interface design, architecture, engineering and technical design as well as system design, service design and any other types of projects. All these aspects make the competition universal, and open to all creative, innovative and original design ideas, and perhaps thanks to this Universal Design Principles the A' Design Award has become the World's most international design award accolade.


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