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Final call for entries to the Design Awards

Final call for entries to the Design Awards

The design award is getting close to final application date, send your design now.

The world is facing deep changes and design can play a crucial role to initiate new solutions to new problems. The A' Design Award will give award winning design projects an international awareness by supporting them through publicity and international dissemination. The award looks forward to your participation of great and grand, well made, beautifully presented, good design projects. Good design creates a better world, that is exactly what the good design awards are about, and the design award programme aims to find the best design solutions for creating a better world. Change through design is the theme of this year to recognize creative and novel approaches of using design to improve life quality worldwide. The design competition is open to participation of designers, architects and brands but as well as public administration bodies and non-government organizations and associations who have great designs. Entrants get a scorecard with jury comments, are able to use the award logo and are going to be exhibited internationally, able to join the award night and enjoy press and public relation measures. The criteria changes for each competition category but in general, does your work solve a problem? Does your design work create a positive experience? Is your design, efficient, sustainable or provide a superior aesthetic? If so, your design might have the properties that could make it a winner. Join today by submitting your best design work to the design competition at a presentation is available at website.


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