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Entries to the Global Design Awards for Exceptional Design are now open!

Entries to the Global Design Awards for Exceptional Design are now open!

Entries to the Global Design Awards for Exceptional Design are now open!

The annual Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of designers for their exceptional design work. Since early 2000s, the A’ Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for design in all industries, honouring exceptional design work that empowers people, advances society and contributes to business. Winning projects from hundred different categories ranged from art to architecture, industrial design to service design, products to services, projects to concepts. Awards were won from almost all countries. Awards are conferred by multi-disciplinary, international juries. Past jurors have included the most famous names in design industry as well as press members, and entrepreneurs. Taking part in the competition is very easy and there are a few steps: 1. Register as an entrant. (Create a new username and password for the Design Awards Program.) 2. Add your entry or entries. (You can save as you go and modify your entries any time.) 3. Make payment for nomination. To begin, visit and click register. Winning the A’ Global Design Award for Exceptional Design matters, because laureates are given a chance to reach vast audiences to showcase their projects, to promote their brands as well as to sell their designs and products. The coveted design prize is especially a must have tool for any company, brand or designer who want to publicize their original design work and products to design oriented audiences, editors in design publications and prospective buyers from across the globe. Remember to register your entry here today:


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