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It is time to Prove You Got a Good Design Portfolio

It is time to Prove You Got a Good Design Portfolio

Present your concepts and vision to the internationally renowned design award jury, and compete for the title of the Designer of the Year.

If ever there was a reason to enter the Design Awards, this is it. For the first time ever, architects and designers of fashion, interior, product, graphic and fashion are invited to submit their work for the design competition and a chance to present their creations to the internationally renowned panel of design experts. The Design Awards is an innovative platform open to designers, engineers and entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea to showcase and promote. The Design Awards were created to provide a platform to help bring new ideas and businesses to market and to promote existing good design products, projects and services. Winning the A' Design Award will give your design international recognition with a major PR campaign, plus inclusion in the yearbook of design, the designers' directory, plus you get to have a certificate of achievement, and a seal of award winning design, the coveted 3D printed metal trophy, and extensive visibility through A' Design Award website and social media networks. The Design Awards were created to recognize, celebrate and promote visionaries, to honour design oriented brands and to uncover emerging talent. Supporting innovation to make an impact that matters goes to the heart of the design award identity. Since its formation, the awards has gained global recognition as a cutting-edge promotional platform for design visionaries whose works have won the hearts and minds of critics, media, and clients. The Design Awards also offers emerging designers the exciting opportunity for their creations to be seen and admired all over the world. We would love for you to submit your work, present your concepts and vision to our internationally renowned jury, and have a chance to be awarded the title of the Designer of the Year. You can submit your designs at


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