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Graphic Design Awards

Graphic Design Awards

The Compherensive list of Graphic Design Awards for freelance designers, illustrators, graphic design studios, photo-manipulators, advertising agencies and professional designers.

Graphic designers who are looking forward to a celebration for their designs that changed our world (or will change our world in years to come) are cordially invited to take part in the A’ (A-Prime) Design Award and Competition which honours the creative talents behind the most innovative, beautiful, elegant and inspiring graphic designs. The design competition targets up-and-coming graphic designers, illustrators, artists and creators from around the world. The design competition is organized annually to designers from across the globe for outstanding work in the graphics and communication design fields. Join the A’ Design Award to celebrate your design excellence, compete with the best industry professionals, showcase your project and advertise your designs worldwide. Today, you can actually get a free preliminary score if you could upload your design. The A’ Graphic Design Awards are not free to join but it is free to test your skill; if you get a preliminary score which is given free of charge you could see how well you could do in the design award and could later decide whether you wish to invest further into your design or not. You could visit the graphic design awards page at to learn more. If you are looking for a list of design awards, you could visit or and they are slightly different, the have about five different graphic design awards ; for graphics design, for communication, advertising, packaging and photo manipulation. On the other hand lists also many other graphic design competitions but always have a look at their terms; in some of these competitions you could literally lose; you can lose your design and in some of them you can literally win; you can win the competition plus other things. A' Graphic Design Award is an annual award given to outstanding graphic designers worldwide and it was established to educate the public and consumers on the value of design by advertising good design, encouraging highest standards of design in goods and services and for promoting and fostering an appreciation of good design among the society. If you are not sure about which graphic award to choose, join the A’ Design Award which is a good graphic industry awards celebrating achievement in the creative industries.


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