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Product Design Awards

Product Design Awards

List of Product Design Awards for product engineers, industrial designers, design consultancies, design agencies, design studios and consultancy companies to submit their best industrial and product designs.

If you are looking for a list of product design awards, you could visit which lists many design contests, meanwhile at you will get the know the A’ Design Award. Before you check these both sides, I would like you to know that the highest product design awards provide participants with opportunities to achieve worldwide success with their works in the categories of product and industrial design. A’ (A-Prime) Design Award is one of such awards but there are many other awards for product, packaging and industrial designs, most of these design competitions are international design competitions for excellent user experience, ergonomics, sustainability, aesthetics and performance in design. There are many design competitions that accept entries of various industrial designs such as digital products, electronic products, and even services but not all of them are good. It is not true to say there is only one single good design award for product design that would be the World's only award program, there are many, however and unfortunately, most of these contests are not so good, and there are only a few good awards for product design. While A’ Design Award is not dedicated exclusively to product designs, they have over several hundred competition sub-categories for industrial products. Like most product design awards, the A’ Design Award accept and consider entries for design and innovation, sustainability, creativity, branding, economics, ecologically responsible design, human factors, ergonomics, materials, technology, aesthetic appeal, packaging, and universal design. There are competitions which get entries annually by thousands of industrial design and graphic design firms working for the Fortune 500 companies as well as freelancers to encourage outstanding visual design in industrial design and art and technology, and A’ Design Award is surely one of them. The A’ Design Award website lists many design award categories which accept product designs, under different sub-categories which further have many sub sub-categories, for them, the idea of a design prize is an honour to be awarded to various professional design organisations and their producers for excellency in design. A panel of jurors who are designers, press members, engineers, and entrepreneurs evaluate the entries for their artistic values, engineering, and design excellence. The A’ Design competition works to attract beautifully functional product designs, honouring the best of the best to in the actual consumer market as well as conceptual world. The A’ Design Awards celebrates the best design solutions and highlighting the many ways in which design can make a difference. Having reached the 6th edition, The Design Award selects the best projects to celebrate the achievements of individuals in innovative works of industrial design which significantly influence our society by creating a global awareness and appreciation for good design, to promote design as a key factor in business competitiveness as well as economic, social and cultural growth and innovation.


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