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International Design, Innovation and Quality Awards

International Design, Innovation and Quality Awards

The International Award for: Design for People, Design to Wear, Design of Services, Design for Mobility, Design for Work, Design of Materials and Technological Systems, Design for Society, Design for Companies and Design Development.

Everyday, an increasing number of manufacturers and designers internationally realize and understand that the design is not only an aspect attracts people to products through visual appeal but actually an important key element when taking the final purchase decision. Design makes objects sell. Good design makes objects sell better. Organizing the World Design Rankings, and every-year publishing the annual of best designs, the A’ Design Award and Competition selects and features the very best and brightest design ideas from all fields, and the number of participants are increasing rapidly each year, reaching hundreds of countries and millions of buyers. The A’ Design Award, organized under 100 plus competition categories covers all creative fields and leads to global recognition. Entries from fields of spatial design, industrial design, service design and communication design can be registered for the competition. Design awards differ from competitions. Awards are aimed at evaluating, recognizing and promoting existing work. The purpose is to recognize the merit of existing work, to raise standards of design and to promote the value and understanding of professional design to the wider community. By entering your works to the A’ Design Awards, not only you will be having a chance to promote your work to the largest international audiences but also compete with the best in the field of design. The A’ Design Award winner logo helps consumers to take a purchase decision towards your products by working as a super-brand that highlights innovation and quality in your products. Impress the international press by winning A’ Design Awards with your best works, and distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. Applications to the A’ Design Accolades can be made online at and winners will be given a special PR Campaign to promote the fact of winning the accolades.


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Submit your Food, Beverage or Culinary Art at the A Design Competition

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» Submit your Food, Beverage or Culinary Art at the A Design Competition
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